Brevard Schools CFO Zuercher Personal Financial History Under Scrutiny After Botching Attrition Numbers

Brevard Schools CFO Pennie Zuercher personal financial history has come under scrutiny after her inability to answer basic questions regarding the district’s finances during the June 24th meeting at which the School Board voted on pay raises for teachers. Since the meeting and vote, it has come to light the district incorrectly calculated the savings from teacher attrition and had another $1.5 million that could have been put toward teacher raises – – a fact that may have changed the way some board members voted on the raises. A package left on my doorstep last night contained the following bankruptcy documents, with a note stating the bankruptcy took place just prior to her being hired by the district (I haven’t confirmed her start date with the district). While I don’t normally consider a bankruptcy a disqualifier for many things (I have one myself from a business failure back in 2001), this does appear to show a pattern of questionable fiscal management, and I’m not sure I would promote someone to be the CFO of a $1 billion enterprise so soon after filing one.

Zuercher Bankruptcy Docs by Matthew Daniel Nye on Scribd