Education Reform

Stop Common Core

Federal education mandates have kept Florida students from receiving the education they deserve.

We need high standards for students but they should never be dictated by Washington. That means eliminating Common Core standards, which have been marketed to our parents and students under the name “Florida Standards.” Meeting our obligation to educate every student will only happen by working with local teachers, students, and school boards rather than federal bureaucrats.

Common Core has failed because it attempts to mass-produce education instead of encouraging local innovation and specialized curriculum. Our teachers are the best in America, but they should never be hindered by one-size-fits-all policies. Teachers need to be empowered to use their knowledge, skill, and creativity to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.

Reforming education will also require a shift in thinking about standardized tests. While testing is important, it cannot become such a high-stakes and all-consuming part of education that teachers begin teaching to the test. I will work toward legislation that ensures problem-solving skills do not lose their place in the classroom to test preparation.

There is no one ideal model of instruction for every student. Children have unique interests, talents, and abilities that often require a tailored curriculum.

Expanding school choice and vocational opportunities will allow every student to pursue their own individual passions.