Government Spending

Money Pile Graphic

As I fiscal conservative, I will fight to reduce the size and scope of state government. I’m committed to scrutinizing every penny we spend and finding ways to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse from all departments.

Education and Medicaid are the two largest expenditures in Florida’s budget.

Far too many public schools are delivering poor returns on investment for both students and taxpayers. That’s why I am committed to expanding school choice and bolstering vocational education to ensure students get the best education at a competitive price.

After education, Florida’s Medicaid program is the second largest single program in the state, covering approximately 4 million low-income individuals and representing 31 percent of the total budget.

Florida’s Medicaid burden will only be reduced by ensuring that Florida has a vibrant economy to equip citizens with good-paying jobs, which helps them escape the cycle of dependency.

Government can’t create jobs, but it can create an environment that allows businesses of all sizes to start up and thrive. If elected, one of my priorities will be focusing like a laser on the elimination of onerous regulations, such as unnecessary fees and permits, as well as licensing requirements that hamper the growth of small business.

I will pursue criminal justice reform to ensure that the incarceration of non-violent offenders is not putting an avoidable burden onto social welfare programs.