Brevard County Commission Mandatory Mask Vote Remarks

Below are my prepared comments for the June 30th Commission meeting. Chairman Lober cut the public speaking time to two minutes so I had to cut them short on camera.

Good afternoon Commissioners. I am here today to speak against any sort of mandatory mask ordinance. I’m sure you have all read by now I have an attorney lined up and will file suit against the county should anything of the kind pass here today.

We are repeatedly told to “trust the science” and to follow guidelines from the CDC and other authorities, but which of the guidance issued by the CDC and these authorities should we follow?

Do we follow the guidance issued back in February when Dr. Fauci and company said the general public didn’t need masks at all? Or do we follow the guidance of the World Health Organization, who earlier this year had the following statement posted in it’s Q&A section on masks: “At the present time, the widespread use of masks everywhere is not supported by high-quality scientific evidence.”

Both have now reversed course, but none of the facts or physics specific to the virus or the masks have changed.

The virus hasn’t changed in size, and the physics of what masks do and don’t block hasn’t changed either. Furthermore, evidence appears to show there is no discernible difference in the spread of the disease when you compare data from the four countries that didn’t shut down or mandate social distancing with data from all of the other countries that did.

The CDC has admitted to mixing active diagnostic testing data with antibody testing data, leading Dr. Birx to state in early May “there is nothing from the CDC I can trust”. The CDC has also stated if you die with COVID, it was because of COVID, and as many doctors and coroners have pointed out, that simply isn’t true.

The WHO promoted models claiming the mortality rate of COVID-19 was between 3.5% and 5%. The actual mortality rate appears to closer to 1% or 1.5% and continues to decline as more testing is done. After all, if half of those that have the disease are asymptomatic as we are told, that means the mortality rate is overstated by double.

Commissioner Lober, you mentioned in the newspaper the alternative is to shut local businesses down. I do not think you have the right or the legal authority as a local body to force businesses to close.

I also do not think you fully grasp the consequences of what those shutdowns mean to the business owners and their employees.

While many clamor to point out the alleged POTENTIAL dangers posed by not wearing a mask, few seem to give any thought to the ACTUAL harm done by this fear mongering and forced closure of businesses. There are very real health consequences to destroying businesses and people financially. Substance abuse, addiction, child abuse, spousal abuse, hunger, anxiety, depression, suicides – all of these are on the rise as a direct result of the government FORCING people to stay home and forcing businesses to close.

This disease isn’t going to be stopped. We are all probably going to get it, and from the reading I’ve done, the best we can hope for is for herd immunity to kick in like it has in the four countries I mentioned previously. Given the uncertainty surrounding the “science” I think it is outrageous that you would force the business owners and citizens of Brevard County to do something they personally may not think medically sound.

You want to issue recommendations or guidelines, feel free, but do not force people to act against their own best judgment when the supposed authorities can’t get their own facts straight.

For those watching that are in a high risk category and afraid for their safety, please do what you think best to stay safe.

Thank you.